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Freitag, 10.08. / 22h

CC4 live @ Evoke 2012

„With each of the four members deeply rooted in music, CC4 looks to bring you well known sound aesthetics, reminiscient of classic soundchips as the Yamaha YM2612, MOS Technology SID or the SPC700, with a modern twist. An unique approach, consisting of samples, MIDI-parts (partly based on SID) and live played keyboards / synthesizers, combined with effects and a drumcomputer will bring you a mashup of known melodies & improvised parts, in a live composition.
This will be the first public appearance of Bassador, Elektrolok, YuzoTibi & tsnm as CC4. So, even if they’re experienced in playing before a crowd individually, this will be quite an experiment for them, too.“

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