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PISTONSBENEATH (MindStep) Interview & Exclusive Mix

„With our first feature for 2012 we introduce Pistonsbeneath, a name that has quietly been doing the rounds on the underground circuit for some time now and one associated with an uncompromising approach to quality bass music. The duo, fronted by Jon Burl, have quietly been building a wide-ranging repertoire of sub-driven beats and are set to unleash seven of them in the next week on the ’24th Century EP‘ via the ever-impressive MindStep Music imprint. Focusing on an effective use of space, interesting sampling and big, lurking basslines, Pistonsbeneath provide a refreshing rework of the original elements of the now-inescapably-global dubstep sound that includes, perhaps most importantly, the wealth of variation that that original sound template was open to. We caught up with Jon for an interview and he’s also put together an epic mix to mark the 30th exclusive mix in our series, and the first of the new year.“

Digital Mystikz – Ancient Memories [DMZ]
Clubroot – Stained Glass [DUB]
Trashbat – Relic [DUB]
Caski – Collapsed [DUB]
Terrafonix – Path Of Jah [DUBLIMINAL]
Pistonsbeneath – Present Knowledge [MINDSTEP]
Lost & Beezy – Untitled [DUB]
Pistonsbeneath – Psychic 24th Century [MINDSTEP]
Bandicoot – Left Behind [MINDSTEP]
Pinch – Swish – [DEEP MEDI]
Perverse – The Iceman [DUB]
Pistonsbeneath – Seven Years [MINDSTEP]
Darqwan – M/a…ximum Reespek [PLANET µ]
Toasty – Unconcious [UNRELEASED FREE]
Skream – Lightning (VIP) [UNRELEASED FREE]
Pistonsbeneath – Primordial [DUB]
Anex – Hurt [DUB]
Pistonsbeneath – Blue Jaunte [MINDSTEP]
Kode9 – Ping [REPHLEX]
Loefah – Goat Stare [DMZl]
Zed Bias – Boomerang (South3rn Remix) [DUB]
Truth – Don’t Explain (Riskotheque&Marchmellow Rmx) [DUB]
Swarms – Polar (Hxdb Remix) [DUB]
Pressa – Technoid [DUB]
Majora – Ayo Technology (Justin Bootleg) [FREE]
Phaeleh – Fuzzbox [DUB]
Pistonsbeneath – Luminous Body [MINDSTEP]
Widowmaker & Digid – Rollin‘ [DUB]
Thelem – Waiting Hour [LOFT PARTY RECORDS]
Teknian – Isolation (VIP) [DUB]
Distance – Knowing [CHESTPLATE]
Pistonsbeneath – Resonate [MINDSTEP]
Widowmaker – Cloud City [DUB]
Shredexx – Transporta [DUB]
Wascal – Clustered (Nephilim Remix) [DUB]
Pistonsbeneath – Proserpine [DUB]
Thelem – Drones (Core Remix) [DUB]
Widowmaker – Voodoo [DUB]
Compa – Security [AREA RECORDINGS]
Subeena – Solidify Feat Jamie Woon[PLANET µ]
Clubroot – Celestial [DUB]
Pistonsbeneath – Black Sleep [DUB]
Digital Mystikz – Lost City [DMZ]
Djinn – Something You Know [FORTHCOMING MINDSTEP]
Cessman – Six Million Ways [DUB]
Gemmy – Shanti Riddim [PLANET µ]
Pacematic – Green Amnesia [DUB]
Legend4ry – Wandering [FORTHCOMING DUBSTRICT]
Pistonsbeneath – Unclosing Eye [DUB]
Subreachers – Devil’s Eyes [DUB]
Surva – Wonbyu [DUB]
Skream – Angry [ITAL]
Curzed – Night Storm [DUB]
Pistonsbeneath – Unspeakable [MINDSTEP]
Loefah – Rufage [DMZ]
Gravious – Ghostly Steps [DUB]
Content – Oxygen Shadows [INNAMIND]
Gravious – City Of Spheres [BROKEN BUBBLE]
Goli & Ashburner – Field Of Vibrations (Core Remix) [DUB]
BadKlaat – Zonk Dem [DUB]
Hatcha & Benga – Progression [PLANET µ]
My Nu Leng – Find You [MINDSTEP]
Compa – Bacteria [DUB]
Boot – Structural Function [DUB]
Core – Out The Cage [DUB]
My Nu Leng – Fireflies [MINDSTEP]
Trim – I Am (De Real Remix) [DUB]
Mr. Projectile – Underneath The Evening [MERCK]


One Comment

  1. love the marchmellow riskotheque remix of „truth – dont explain“.so huge… just wanted to say :>
    imma check those different tunes seperately, looks like a good selection. „wealth of variation“ indeed. i ffffin loove dubstep. :> :>

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