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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Frischer Wind von Nachkonvention aus Bonn !

1. Kryptic Minds – Alone
2. Peverelist – Die Brücke
3. Milyoo – Multitude
4. Ikonika & Optimum – Hum
5. Coki – Shattered
6. Kryptic Minds – No More No Less
7. Peverelist – Roll With The Punches
8. Truth – Birds feat. Dutty Ranks
9. Kryptic Minds – Can’t Sleep feat. Alys Be
10. Coki – Tortured
11. Burial – NYC

Dipswitch – Belated Summer Mix 2011

„recorded a small dvs mix in july while preparing a set, now thought that i might as well share it for everyone who might enjoy it. all kinds of quirky and/or deep bass music. no exclusives. only hits.“

girl unit – wut
mosca – square one (bok bok rmx)
the bug feat. killa-p & flowdan – skeng (kode 9 rmx)
shackleton – blood on my hands (ricardo villalobos rmx)
pattie bligh & the akebulan – brother the point (2562 rmx)
velour – she wore velour
egyptrixx feat. shyvonne – everybody bleeding (kingdom rmx)
kingdom – bust broke
kode 9 – 2 far gone
girl unit – irl
velour – booty slammer
girl unit – temple keys
l-vis 1990 – zahonda
the bug feat. flowdan – jah war
lv & okmalumkoolkat – boomslang
mark ashken – size 3 (skream rmx)
tannhäuser sterben & das tod – plätschern (desmond denker rmx)
darkstar – aidy’s girl is a computer
ikonika – idiot
kingdom – fogs
l-vis 1990 – do you remember
zomby – bubble bobble
zomby – pumpkinhead’s revenge

Mr. Grünkern short Dubstep-Mix 11-11
100% Jogginghosen-Style, 100% Vinyl


District – 3,5 Grams
Cluekid – Hawkeye
Benton – 20/20
Mr. Grünkern – Queixada
Mr. Grünkern – Heavy Anthem
The Aliens – Xterminate VIP
Soap Dodgers – No6
Giant – Iron Man
16bit – Boston Creme
Mr. Grünkern – Bouncin‘ on a Highway
Benny Page – Tempo
Mr. Grünkern – G-Man
Fable – She Want Dub
Oceania – Cracked Out


100 Reasons the DJ hates you…..


Ihr könnt uns auch Eure EIGENPRODUKTIONEN als WAV oder 320kbs MP3 schicken => DROPBOX



URB Presents: Clouds – Exlusive Mix & Interview

1. The Residents – The Festival Of Death
2. James Blake – Pan
3. Clouds – Untitled
4. Peaking Lights – Tiger Eyes (Laid Back)
5. Mala – Bodyclock Delay
6. Klaus – Tarry
7. Clouds – Untitled
8. Earkus – Mostfool
9. Spectre – Telemundo
10. Kevin McPhee – It’s What She Wants
11. ∆∆ – Earth Documents 1
12. Jkrl – Marks & Notes
13. Múm – We Have A Map Of The Piano
14. Clouds – Lot Of Calls From No One part 2
15. Kevin McPhee – This Is The Way The World Ends
16. Clouds – Untitled
17. Inga Copeland – Trample
18. The Residents – The Moles Are Coming
19. Tiiu Helinä – Kurja Mies

Big Up EPFÄNGER & MOLLE (dub&bass Aachen) und rkns (HVYW8S). War ne super Session gestern. Wer es verpasst hat kann hier nochmal reinschauen (sorry, wir hatten während rkns´ set ein paar technische Schwierigkeiten…)

=> Dubby_Terror_Show

BSSRL in the mix:
dub war – to the depths
hackman – close
addison groove – make em bounce
unknown – knock knock
jacques palminger – tuedeldub (shakleton rmx)
dub war – funky deal
james blake – cmyk
gravious – future blues
albert – darling now
desmond denker – ziehen und zahlen

FACT mix 300: Objekt

„FACTs 300th mix comes from almost certainly our dance music newcomer of 2011, Berlin’s Objekt.

Objekt hasn’t released much in 2011, but that’s one of the reasons his emergence has been so welcome. In an age of oversaturation and overexposure, where people feel the need to upload their entire life stories to Soundcloud after two weeks of watching Logic tutorials, he’s the definition of someone who’s taken time to hone a craft (he’s actually worked as a programmer at Native Instruments for several years, which goes some way to explaining why his music is so sonically potent), and waited until they’re 100% ready before exposing their wares to the world at large.

And what an impact Objekt’s music has made. His first self-released single, ‘Tinderbox’ / ‘The Goose That Got Away’, was such an impressive amalgamation of half-step atmospherics and rickety techno drum programming that people were convinced it was the work of a more established producer under a new alias, while its follow up paired one of the year’s most stratospheric techno tracks (‘CLK Recovery’) with a B-side that proved that club-stopping dubstep drops don’t have to be stupid in 2011 (‘Unglued’). Combined with remixes for Call Super, Sbtrkt and Radiohead, and ‘Cactus’, a deadly dubplate that proved a highlight of Ben UFO’s recent mix CD for Rinse, he’s built up a small but powerful discovery with hints of STL, Mala, Peverelist and more to it already.

Objekt’s FACT mix is roughly in line with the music he’s released so far: underground techno full of staggered drums and inventive sampling, presented impeccably while never sounding too straight, smooth or unnatural. No tracklist provided, but there appears to be at least one unreleased Objekt cut in there for the spotters“ (Quelle : factmag.com/2011/11/14/fact-mix-300-objekt)


Subway Music Podcast #02 – TMSV

Truth – Don’t Explain
Killawatt – Critters
Tmsv & Lis’n – Winter
Tmsv – Flow
Sizzla – One Love (Mala Remix)
Thelem – Drones (Tmsv Remix)
Mavado – Weh Dem A Do (Coki Remix)
Tmsv – Flames
Gappy Ranks – Stinkin‘ Rich (Tmsv Remix)
Kromestar – Frenemy
Jay 5ive – Try Harder
Tmsv – Untitled (Badman)
Sleeper – Zombies
J:Kenzo – Kimura
Goth-Trad Ft. Max Romeo – Babylon Fall

Freitag, 18.11. / 21h

BSSRL live aus Kölle mit

Empfänger (dub&bass Aachen)
Molle (dub&bass Aachen)
Rkns (HVYW8S Köln)


live @ make.tv/dubby_terror_show



„Part 1 of 3 in my new 10-Track Mix-Series. This time with my perception of Future-Post-Whatever-Dubstep. Enjoy…“

DJ Rum – Undercoat
ST Files – Be Good
Agaric – Kontrafunk (Scuba’s Hotflush Remix)
Dexter – Great Northern Diver
Jus Wan – Azure (F Remix)
2562 – Narita
Martyn – Yet
Helixir – Ride The Wind
Marcus Intalex – Debbit
Author – The City

Das Basspräsidium lädt ein:
Eigelstein Royal & Kru feiern nit nur die Sessionseröffnung, sondern auch ne Plattenveröffentlichung. Hammer Material garantiert! Et jibbt n knalla Line_up mit EIGELSTEIN ROYAL; DEF BENSKI; MICROPHONE MAFIA; BÜDCHE BOYS; HANS SOLO; HALLO WERNER CLAN und und und….


Gebäude 9
Deutz-Mülheimer Straße 127-129
51063 Köln


Donnerstag, 10.11.11 / 22h / 3,-

Dubstep @ PVC
– strictly vinyl –

BASSRAEL (Basspräsidium / Biggerdubz)
+ Special Guest NAPALM DREAD (Roots´n´Fruits / BonnBetterKnow)

Pretty Vacant Club
Mertensgasse 8

„Vinylmania“ macht sich auf die Suche nach der alten und neuen Leidenschaft für dieses Objekt und legt die Welt der Vinylisten in 33 1/3 Umdrehungen pro Minute noch einmal neu auf.

=> Videos.Arte.TV : Vinylmania

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